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The accuracy of Raman polarisation measurements, which is limited by divergence of the scattered light, is discussed in the 180° or back-scatter geometry. It is shown that, whichever of Louis Vuitton Belt Cheap the two techniques of measurement available in this geometry is adopted, the accuracy obtainable is equal to that obtainable with the most favourable technique in a 90° scattering geometry. We show that there exists an affine monomial curve with non-rational Poincaré–Betti series. The proofs depend on an earlier paper by Roos and Sturmfels which treated the projective case. Some open problems are formulated. The only anthocyanin m cotton buds and flowers of Gossypium hirsutum L., var. Delta Pine Smooth Leaf, was identified as chrysanthemin, the 3-β-monoglucoside of cynidin. Buds and flowers contained 0-030 and 0-041 per cent pigment, respectively. A program written for the Texas Instrument T1-59 programmable calculator is presented. The program will calculate for any biologically important time constant the RC-elements of a second order low pass filter and an analog differentiating amplifier, which are used in biomechanical measuring equipment to study Replica Louis Vuitton Trunk the force of contraction of muscle tissue under various conditions i.e. electrical or chemical stimulation.